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Our Fairy Garden

10 Apr

Fairy garden

Several weeks back I started pinning fairy gardens, knowing I wanted to make one with my daughter. There is something about miniature things that has always made me sigh with happiness. To this day, I insist on going on the Storybook Land ride at Disneyland to see the little world they have created.

So we headed to the nursery and picked up some plants to create our own fairy garden. They can get pretty elaborate and I would love to make a larger one using a half-barrel, but for our first we kept it small.

Fairy garden

For this fairy garden, our supplies list is:

Organic potting soil

Irish moss

Wooly thyme

German thyme

A handful of pond rocks

A dish for a pond


Large stick (found on a walk)

Fairy garden

We bought all of the supplies at Home Depot but we’re planning a stop at M&M Nursery in Orange to get a few miniatures to place in our garden. Something tells me I will end up buying supplies for another one. They are addictive. M&M Nursery has amazing fairy gardens to purchase and they also sell all of the supplies to make your own. You can even sign up for a free class to learn how to make them.

Fairy garden

We’re on the lookout for another container to be our pond; this one was a placeholder. I am sure something will be rescued from the recycling bin this week that will be just right.

Fairy garden

Sigh. Happiness.