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Outdoor Waterbed

14 Apr

Outdoor waterbed

The other day I came across this post from Play at Home Mom LLC on making a “Redneck Waterbed.” Rednecks aside, I loved the idea¬† of using a giant plastic sheet and duct tape to make a fun outdoor waterbed for the kids. Originally, PAHM had used the sheeting to make an enormous “bubble” that the kids could walk in, which I originally read about on Curly Bug’s blog.

So it was Easter weekend and we were staying home because the husband had a cold that we didn’t want to share with others. We had picked up a pack of Husky sheeting at Home Depot and a roll of duct tape; no one but me knew what they were for. While the kids were napping I began laying out the sheeting, folding it in half, and taping. This was harder than I expected and my tape job was far from perfect. Still, I called everyone outside and we turned on the hose.

The baby was at best skeptical, at worst terrified.

Sad baby

But my daughter was amazed.

Happy kid

I felt like the coolest mom EVER.


We watched the water shoot in between the sheeting, forming rivers and lakes under our feet. We squished our bare feet on the cold plastic; we walked on water. We jumped and ran, then we laid down and basked in the Easter sun. They call this sort of thing “sensory play” for a reason.

Everyone is a kid when there's a lawn waterbed involved.

The waterbed filled up, and up, and up. And then it sprung some leaks, and we patched them. So we all got a little wet, which added to the fun for my daughter anyway.

We turned off the hose, but kept coming back to play throughout the day. Overnight, much of the water leaked out and the next day I dumped out the rest. We turn on the sprinklers in the back yard manually, so we skipped a few days to make up for the water we had dumped out while making our waterbed.

There was something so novel about this activity, so different from the norm for us, that we all acted like kids. I’m happy to have found the idea and decided to actually do it, instead of just pinning and forgetting, like I do with so many things.

Family time

Coolest mom. Coolest kid.




Fairy Garden No. 2

12 Apr

We visited the local nursery and picked up supplies to make a second fairy garden, along with some miniatures – the wagon, fairy, unicorn, shovel, watering can. My daughter loved picking out the items and it was so hard to resist buying everything. But then I remembered I used to collect these little animal figurines, and I had saved a handful all these years. Now they have a home in the fairy gardens, instead of in a beat-up Charlie Brown lunchbox wrapped in tissue paper.ImageImage


They seem happier here, somehow.


I told you fairy gardens are addictive.

Our Fairy Garden

10 Apr

Fairy garden

Several weeks back I started pinning fairy gardens, knowing I wanted to make one with my daughter. There is something about miniature things that has always made me sigh with happiness. To this day, I insist on going on the Storybook Land ride at Disneyland to see the little world they have created.

So we headed to the nursery and picked up some plants to create our own fairy garden. They can get pretty elaborate and I would love to make a larger one using a half-barrel, but for our first we kept it small.

Fairy garden

For this fairy garden, our supplies list is:

Organic potting soil

Irish moss

Wooly thyme

German thyme

A handful of pond rocks

A dish for a pond


Large stick (found on a walk)

Fairy garden

We bought all of the supplies at Home Depot but we’re planning a stop at M&M Nursery in Orange to get a few miniatures to place in our garden. Something tells me I will end up buying supplies for another one. They are addictive. M&M Nursery has amazing fairy gardens to purchase and they also sell all of the supplies to make your own. You can even sign up for a free class to learn how to make them.

Fairy garden

We’re on the lookout for another container to be our pond; this one was a placeholder. I am sure something will be rescued from the recycling bin this week that will be just right.

Fairy garden

Sigh. Happiness.