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When the TV is Off…

28 Mar

This is what happens when I say “no” to TV, “no” to computer games and “no” to watching “My Little Pony” videos on the iPhone.


This is something I can say “yes” to.

(And yes, I did just post a photo of my baby boy in a diaper with his banged-up knee, pacifier in place and belly showing.)

So often I choose the path of least resistance, the easy road, the instant and free babysitter. Today I did not. She asked – several times – and at one point there were tears. But we survived, and after dinner she pulled out a stack of books and began telling me the stories. And he followed suit. The house was at peace.


All in a Word

27 Mar

These are some words that are inspiring me to be the mom, the wife, the woman I would like to be. To lead a more intentional life.


















What words inspire you?

Farm Fresh Baby Shoes

12 Mar

We’ve had some beautiful weather here lately, and with it I’ve been bitten by the sewing bug. It all started with a baby. Not mine! But a beautiful little girl who was born just a couple of weeks ago.

This little sweetie had the cutest feet. What is it about baby feet? So I started digging around for a pattern for baby shoes, similar to the Robeez (or the Target knock-offs my little man wears sometimes). And I found one, because the internet is an amazing place and chances are some kind soul has done whatever it is you want to do and posted about it.

I chose a fabric from Riley Blake for the outers. It’s from her Farm Fresh line and I love the sweet country feel of it. Lots of aqua, yellow, rose and pink, sage green, gingham… The inside is a chocolate brown minky velour, left over from a blanket I made for our son (the other side of that blanket was also Riley Blake – I believe Hooty Hoot in flannel.). I chose a pinkish red wool blend felt for the soles, since newborn babies don’t do much walking.

I love these shoes.

I want to make some in every fabric I have. Must. Resist.

Want to try a pair? Here’s the pattern from Stardust Shoes.


Something a Little Different…

3 Mar

I was feeling inspired this morning by a post written by Mama Pants of The Family Pants. It stirred something inside of me, a reminder that the best things in life happen when you focus your attention outward. Sometimes I feel this wave of discontent, and I know it has nothing to do with my life. I am blessed with an amazing, loving husband, two beautiful, hilarious children, and the kind of family and friends that make life worth living. But my attentions have been focused on material things more than I would like. So I would like to start turning that attention outward, one step at a time.

Today I am going to auction off a HollowGlen clutch. This was my first clutch and I love it. The outer fabric is by Moda and the inside is a sweet blue and green polka-dot cotton. The frame is antique brass and very lovely. This is a big clutch – the frame is I believe 10 inches. It can easily double as a purse, but it doesn’t have a strap.



Until I come up with a better way of doing it, I am going to ask you to write in the comments your bid. Keep an eye on the comments or subscribe to them so you’ll know if you are outbid. Tell your friends and family! The winning bidder will get the clutch, and their entire bid amount will go to the charity of their choice. Please include your charity when you place a bid. Bidding ends at 10 p.m. PST Sunday, March 11. Payment will need to be made via PayPal and I will pick up the tab for shipping the item.

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend. It’s lovely here in Southern California today, lots of sunshine. 🙂