Make it in an Hour: Tutu Tutorials

15 Oct
Tutu tutorial

Halloween 2009

We’ve been sorting through our closets this week, and one of the things I dug out was the shoes I wore at our wedding. I’ve been holding on to them for 4 1/2 years now, for no good reason really. They don’t go with jeans and they’re a little too dressy for dinner at Jalapenos.

I handed them to Kaitlyn and told her she could keep them. Her eyes widened and she said, “Oh THANK YOU Mommy, THANK YOU!” She immediately put them on and starting shuffling around the house. On a whim, I dug out the tutu I made for her last Halloween. Honestly, this was such a hit I should have just put it all in a box and given it to her for Christmas. She wears it up until bath time and pulls it on first thing in the morning.

Toddler tutu tutorial

You can find hundreds of tutus for sale on Etsy or at boutique shops for $20 and up, but I’m here to tell you that this is a project you can – and should – do yourself! Once you have your supplies you should be able to bust one out within an hour. The longest part of the process is cutting the tulle. I was being super thrifty last year so I bought tulle off the bolt, which meant I had to cut it in width and length. If you’re wanting to make a tutu in specific colors, for example black and orange for Halloween or red and green for Christmas, this may be your only option. But a much faster way is to buy the spools of tutu they sell in craft stores, generally in the wedding section, for about $2.99 a spool. Look for these on sale or use a coupon. You’ll need three or four, and a package of 1/2 inch elastic (I like the ribbed non-roll elastic). (You can also find tulle on the spool from online shops, and even on Etsy, with a little searching.)

Now for the tutorials. They are all very similar, so pick one that speaks to you.
Tutu Tutorial
How to Make a Tutu
Tutu Tutorial Time

All right folks. I’m off to look at last year’s Halloween pictures some more and reminisce. Sniff, sniff. They grow up so fast. Let them be princesses/ballerinas/fairies for as long as they want.


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