Pretend Diaper Bag with Accessories

10 Oct

I may or may not have gone on a bit of a sewing binge this weekend.

Oh fine, I did.

I have no idea where my family is and I haven’t showered yet, but I did make this.

Pretend diaper bag

Back in September I saw this tutorial for a Pretend and Play Diaper Bag (and accessories), and my heart melted. But I put it on the back burner while I was working on a variety of other projects (to be revealed later). Last night I found myself eager to sew but had forgotten to prewash the fabric for my intended project, so I started working on this instead.

play diaper bag for dolls

And I’m so glad. Kaitlyn is going to love this. She loves playing with her baby dolls and is practicing for big sister-hood, coming in January.

Now where is she again? Oh right. The pool. With her dad. I was in a sew zone.

play diaper bag for dolls

This kit is complete with a child-sized diaper bag, changing pad (my version is flannel on one side, cotton on the other), felt diaper and felt wipes case with flannel wipes inside. I followed the tutorial for the wipes case and wipes, but winged it on the changing pad and diaper.

Pretend wipes case

Doll diaper felt

Pretend diaper bag tutorial


The bag has plenty of room for her to add her other doll accessories for her Corolle doll. We love this doll by the way. It’s high-quality, adorable, doesn’t make noises on its own in the middle of the night, has a soft body, and smells like vanilla. Last year she received the mealtime set and an extra outfit, so they can all be tucked inside this bag when she opens it on Christmas.

Stay tuned – I finished another super cute project this weekend that I will be sharing soon – a great gift idea for Christmas for the toddlers in your life!


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