9 Sep

If I learned anything about myself during the six years of performance reviews I received pre-motherhood, it’s that I tend to analyze things to the point where I am unable to make a decision. Weigh this, weigh that, write a list, make an Excel document with five different worksheets showing alternative scenarios, cost each option out and then ask everyone I know personally (and hundreds of people I don’t via online forums) what they would do in my situation.

I have never been one to make snap decisions.

Right now I’m tossing around a few ideas and I can’t seem to make up my mind. For example, I am on the verge of declaring this Christmas (including Kaitlyn’s birthday, which falls just a few days before) “Handmade Only.” I have a huge list of gift ideas for everyone on our list, and if I got started soon I could knock them all out before my belly gets too big to sit in front of the sewing machine. But I can’t pull the trigger. Mainly because I know I will go into Costco sometime in November and get sucked in to the five aisles of toys Kaitlyn doesn’t need, like giant ride-on ponies and huge kits of art supplies suitable for a preschool class. And I probably won’t buy anything there, because it will be too overwhelming, but it will get the wheels in motion. Not to mention this non-toxic nail polish for kids recently reviewed on And Candyland. Because every 3-year-old needs Candyland, right? So maybe her birthday can be store-bought and Christmas handmade?

Then there’s this blog. I have so many projects I want to try out and share with you, sewing and baking and Halloween decorations, and I have two boxes of fabric waiting for a purpose in life. But I can’t decide what’s next. Toddler fleece pants? Flannel receiving blankets? Trick-or-treat bags, princess tutus and superhero capes? Art portfolios and crayon rolls?

You know, I think I’m just going to take a personal day and spend it on projects. Because, you know, that’s something within the realm of possibility with a 2 1/2-year-old.

Maybe I should just start a new spreadsheet instead.


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