Toddler Skirt Tutorial

7 Sep

toddler skirt tutorial
When my sister first brought over her Elna sewing machine to show me how to thread it and sew a straight stitch, I never envisioned that I would end up sewing toddler clothes. Pillow covers, tote bags, table runners – those were within the realm of possibility. Things that could actually be worn? Not a chance.

But I caught the sewing bug and soon enough, I was Google-ing tutorials for every kind of sewing project – including toddler clothes. You see, traditional patterns in a packet defeat me. But when some generous soul – a real live person – has gone through the entire process for me, written it down step-by-step and even taken pictures, now THAT I can do.

One of my favorite tutorials for toddler clothing is this one for a skirt with a contrasting ruffle at the bottom. I can picture this in so many colors and fabrics; it’s really quite simple too!

I made my daughter’s in a woven cotton, but I would love to try it in corduroy for fall and winter to wear with tights – adorable!

toddler skirt tutorial

Happy sewing!

Easy Skirt Tutorial


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