Save on Biokleen Products at!

8 Aug


I do most of my household cleaning using a combination of vinegar and water, Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soaps and Biokleen products. I switched to more environmentally friendly (and non-toxic) cleaners when my daughter began crawling, and I sent my husband to the hazardous waste center with a box full of stuff I didn’t want to be spraying anywhere around our baby. The best part is, I learned that I can get the same results (and often better) without the chemicals – and if I want to clean the windows while my daughter is awake, well, she can hold the cloth and give me a hand.

I discovered Biokleen Bac-Out Stain & Odor Eliminator when we began cloth diapering; it’s often recommended to help with stinky diapers. Soon enough I discovered Biokleen’s laundry detergent, soy bathroom and toilet cleaners, and the all-purpose concentrated cleaner. I love the natural smell of the products and, of course, the cleaning power.

If you are already a Biokleen fan or have just been tempted to try their products, is offering 40% off on select Biokleen products (including the ones mentioned above) until September 21, 2010. What a deal! also offers free shipping on any $25 order. (Note: If you order Biokleen laundry detergent, the free shipping code will not work due to the increased weight.)

Happy, healthy cleaning everyone!


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